Kerrise Stewart

Assistant Director of Intervention

Kerrise Stewart is a Creative Practitioner with extensive international experience developing, delivering and managing programs for, and with, marginalized and vulnerable adults/young people.

When working for Women in Prison, which is based in the UK, Kerrise co-created the Transforming Women’s Justice Intervention Program as an alternative to prison. She is passionate about exploring alternatives to ineffective methods of exclusion and punishment, and often uses creativity, as a catalyst for reducing harm, empowering and recognizing potential. Throughout her career, she has developed and maintained participatory pathways in culturally diverse communities to challenge, educate, and engage.

Kerrise has worked resourcefully to facilitate activities and lead on collaborative projects that provide opportunities for transformative experiences and reflection. She holds a Masters in Applied Theatre and the Criminal Justice System. Some of her core competencies include: Trauma-Informed Practice, Conflict Behavioral Management, Coordinating Alternative to Prison Pathways, Crisis Intervention Management and Restorative Justice Practices.

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