Common Justice: Responding to Violence Without Incarceration

With the 2020 Democratic presidential primary heating up, we are already seeing criminal justice as one of the most controversial and important issues in progressive circles. 

Common Justice Executive Director Danielle Sered talks with Dean Obeidallah

Common Justice’s Executive Director Danielle Sered talks with the "Dean of Radio," Dean Obeidallah on Sirius XM. They discuss how Common Justice was created, the merits of restorative justice  and the importance of rethinking our traditional conceptions of criminal justice.

Fighting For 'Common Justice', For Crime Victims And Their Perpetrators


We've been talking about The VERA Institute's project to re-imagine prison this week. But to talk about reform for criminals and alternatives to incarceration also means to acknowledge the impact on victims and to consider whether imprisonment is punishment enough, or too much, and if it's the path forward to feeling safer for victims of violent crime.