Advocacy Work

We Build Power in Marginalized Black and Brown Communities

Common Justice’s policy and organizing work seeks to build power in marginalized Black and Brown communities that have been disproportionately impacted by violence. We advocate for and center the needs of survivors of violence, as well as those who have been adversely impacted by violence, including interpersonal, community and state violence. Ultimately, the Advocacy Team seeks to end mass incarceration and help Black and Brown communities find paths to healing that alleviates some of the harm caused by the carceral system and systemic racism.

Our Mission

Common Justice’s Advocacy Team’s mission is to promote safety and healing in Black and Brown communities through advocacy for decarceration, equitable distribution of resources, expansion of violence intervention and alternative to incarceration programs, and promotion of people- and survivor-centered policies. We build collective power and advance policy changes that are created in partnership with those who are impacted by the criminal legal system.



In the aftermath of a crime, the government offers supportive funding to survivors and their families, commonly known as “victim compensation.” Victim compensation is state-administered, federal funding that provides financial reimbursement for costs associated with crimes, such as hospital bills, burial expenses, mental health counseling, temporary housing, and/or replacing locks. This funding helps survivors regain stability after experiencing traumatic events by providing basic support and helping reduce any accumulation of debt. Unfortunately, survivors from marginalized communities have been systematically excluded from receiving these funds since the inception of these programs. Today, advocates and legislators are looking to change that through equitable and forward-thinking legislation.

Since the fall of 2021, Common Justice has led the Fair Access to Victim Compensation coalition, advocating for changes to the way victim compensation funding is administered in New York State.

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