Social Media Toolkit: Addressing Gun Violence Without Mass Incarceration

Common Justice is proud to announce the release of our social media toolkit for addressing gun violence without police or prisons.

We are facing unprecedented times in our country. Not only are we dealing with a global pandemic, but our communities are also facing a rise in gun violence.
As a response, opponents of criminal legal reform are pushing for more police and more prisons as a solution to this violence but we know that these solutions are ineffective and are more likely to increase violence than to stem it. In light of this crisis, we have put together a social media toolkit to help community members, advocates, and activists craft thoughtful and intentional messaging around issues of gun violence and the need for community-based responses to it. 
Included with this toolkit is an op-ed and letter to the editor guide to help movement makers combat misinformation about what is truly needed to keep our communities safe at this time. This toolkit and guide are designed to shift the narrative around gun violence and prove the point that safety is found in community interventions, not police and prisons.






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