Shu'aib Abdur-Raheem

Senior Trauma Support Manager

Shu’aib Abdur-Raheem, MPS is a Trauma Support Manager with a master’s in professional studies from New York Theological Seminary majoring in Pastoral Counseling and Urban Ministry. Shu’aib has an extensive background in Restorative Justice work that began while he was incarcerated for several decades. Upon his release, Shu’aib found work as an Administrative Assistant, Career Coach, Offender Workforce Development Specialist, and Senior Facilitator of Fatherhood Parenting and Career Development at Osborne Association and also served briefly as a Job Retention Specialist for FEDCAP. Shu’aib later became a Mentor, Program Coordinator, and Program Supervisor with the Arches Program for JCCA and Good Sheppard Services. Shu’aib became a valued and respected Service Provider doing social work with foster/adopted children of incarcerated parents at the Jewish Childcare Association before being offered an opportunity to fulfill his dream of providing healing support to survivors of violent crimes.

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