Richard Dudley

Dr. Richard Dudley is a leading clinical and forensic psychiatrist based in New York. His work is divided between a clinical practice focused primarily on the evaluation and treatment of African-American adolescents, and a forensic practice. As a forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Dudley is frequently called upon to provide expert opinion and testimony in connection with both criminal and civil matters throughout the United States. In both practices, he focuses on the mental health of young men of color in the criminal justice system. Earlier in his career, Dr. Dudley was Deputy Commissioner of the New York City Department of Mental Health, Mental Retardation and Alcoholism Services. In that role, he was instrumental in developing new clinical programs in mental health services. Subsequently, he became Medical Director of the Washington Heights-West Harlem Community Mental Health Center. He has held teaching appointments at New York University School of Law and at the City University of New York Medical School at City College, and currently serves on the board of Housing Works, Inc. He is a graduate of Temple University School of Medicine.