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Digital Media Strategist

Common Justice seeks an experienced Design and Digital Media professional with a passion for social justice who is eager to strengthen the digital profile of Common Justice, which develops and advances solutions to violence that transform the lives of those harmed and foster racial equity without relying on incarceration.  Locally, we operate the first alternative to incarceration and victim service program in the United States to focus on violent felonies in the adult courts.  Nationally, we leverage the lessons from our direct service to transform the justice system through partnerships, advocacy, and elevating the experience and power of those most impacted.  A key focus of this position will be HealingWorks, the first national learning collaborative for individuals and organizations working with young men of color who have been harmed by violence and trauma. This project address the compelling needs of young survivors of color by delivering tools, information, and support to the people and organizations that serve them.

Building A Narrative to Address Violence in the U.S.

This memo holds guidance for engaging strategic audiences in conversations about how to address violence and those who have been accused of or convicted of violence in the U.S. The recommendations here emerge from a thought partnership between the Opportunity Agenda, which has extensive expertise in communications and messaging, and Common Justice, which has a decade of experience working on and talking about violence and repair. To download the full memo, click here.

Chief of Staff

Common Justice seeks an experienced, dedicated, anti-racist professional with strong people skills and strategic acumen to join the leadership team as Chief of Staff.  The Chief of Staff is responsible for essential functions that advance the strategic direction, management and alignment of the organization, and that promote excellence in organizational performance. They are a member of Common Justice’s leadership team and a key partner to the Executive Director, to whom they report directly. 

Outreach Manager, Bronx office

Common Justice seeks a well-organized, culturally attuned and anti-racist professional with excellent people skills and a commitment to helping people recover and heal to join the team for this innovative organization. The Outreach Manager will be responsible for identifying potential cases, serving as a liaison to the courts, providing short-term support to victims of crime, conducting intake with both victims and defendants, working with partners in the district attorney’s office, defense bar, and community to manage referrals, and contributing to program development.

Fostering Accountability Among Young Adults: Restorative Justice as a Developmentally Targeted Intervention

Common Justice 

Young adults are capable of causing both relatively trivial and very serious harm. They are also, as we continue to learn, uncommonly capable of change. Our challenge, then, is to identify strategies that increase the likelihood of positive transformation. Much of the recent research on adolescent development, particularly from developmental psychology and brain science, has led to calls for mercy for young adults who cause harm.

Young Men of Color and the Other Side of Harm

Vera Institute 

Attention is increasingly being paid to the disparities young men of color face in our society, including their disproportionate involvement in the criminal justice system as those responsible for crime. Little recognition, however, is given to the fact that young men of color are also disproportionately victims of crime and violence.

Accounting for Violence: How to Increase Safety and Break Our Failed Reliance on Mass Incarceration

Common Justice

The United States faces two distinct but interconnected challenges: violence and mass incarceration.


Fighting For 'Common Justice', For Crime Victims And Their Perpetrators


We've been talking about The VERA Institute's  project to re-imagine prison this week.  But to talk about reform for criminals and alternatives to incarceration also means to acknowledge the impact on victims and to consider whether imprisonment is punishment enough, or too much, and if it's the path forward to feeling safer for victims of violent crime.

Beyond Offender and Victim

Common Justice
Toward a Humane, Event-Centered Language for Talking about People Involved in Crime and Violence.