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Saying sorry isn't enough, you have to DO sorry.

Saying sorry isn't enough to undo the effects of the '94 Crime Bill. Vice President Joe Biden has to DO sorry.

COVID-19 Release Efforts Must Include People Who Commit Violence

COVID-19 doesn’t distinguish by charge.

Defund The Whole System.

Defunding police is not enough to end racial violence.

Ableism is a racial justice issue.

A truly equitable world means the needs of disabled people are not only considered, but prioritized.

To Produce Safety, We Must Understand What Drives Violence

We have long prioritized investments in law enforcement over investments in community.

All Black Lives Matter

Our country is experiencing a reckoning that is 401 years overdue.

This crisis was preventable

How America’s structural inequality led us to a preventable public health crisis. 

How We Can Overcome the Inevitable Stigmas of a Crisis

Learning from the HIV/AIDS Epidemic and the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The Privilege of Sheltering in Place

Stay-at-home orders across the country have implications for our most vulnerable.