Partnership and Training
Guiding Principles

Our work is guided by a set of fundamental principles:


  1. Capacity and Relationship Building

    We foster collaborative efforts and support local leaders in developing effective alternatives to incarceration.

  2. Survivor Centered Solutions

    We prioritize the needs and voices of survivors, focusing on their healing and safety.

  3. Positioning Interventions for Success

    Our framework offers a robust approach to meet survivors' needs, support the transformation of people who have caused harm, and foster community safety.

  4. Strategic Legal and Political System Navigation

    We navigate relationships with entrenched systems and push them to act differently in specific cases and to take steps that reduce harm and transfer power back to the communities most impacted by violence.

  5. Building Survivor Centered Narratives

    We support partners in crafting and elevating narratives that challenge traditional approaches to violence and incarceration.

To learn more, reach out to Stephan Thomas at [email protected] or RJ Maccani at [email protected].

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