Liliana Peralta

Sr. Bilingual Intervention Mgr.

Liliana Peralta is the Senior Bilingual Intervention Manager.

Prior to joining Common Justice, Liliana served as a Program Manager and Advocate at a nonprofit that educates victims of domestic violence and other victimizations about their rights, while also advocating for their needs within the criminal justice system. In this role, Liliana also coached a diverse team to provide trauma-informed and culturally sensitive services. 

Liliana began her career working in West Africa as a Gender Education Specialist addressing gender-based violence through grassroots development projects, providing technical assistance to local schools to integrate gender-centered practices into the academic curriculum, and training around gender equality, violence, and sex to local communities’ leaders. 

Liliana’s work has centered around helping marginalized communities vocalize their needs and create sustainable community-led change. In her free time, Liliana participates in a book club that centers restorative conversations around gentrification, social justice, women’s empowerment, criminal justice, and racial inequality.

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