Halemah Mahmoud

Senior Outreach Manager

Halemah Mahmoud is a Senior Outreach Manager at Common Justice. Her passion for decarcerating the system and criminal justice reform began in her undergraduate years studying at Rutgers-Newark School of Criminal Justice. During her time working with Newark Community Solutions, an alternative sentencing program in the New Jersey Newark Municipal Court, outreach became her specialty. She went on to pursue her MA at Rutgers SCJ where she dove deeper into the intricacies of violence, and dedicated and solidified her career in this niche of reform. She is passionate about reframing the justice system to truly provide justice to those who have been harmed, and destigmatizing the way we view violence.
In her free time, Halemah enjoys nature, yoga, weightlifting, practicing her faith, and adventures that provide her with new insights and perspectives on the world.

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