Chandeerah S. Davis

Senior Intervention Manager, Brooklyn

Chandeerah S. Davis has an extensive background in social justice work. As a prison abolitionist and child of an incarcerated parent, Chandeerah has spent much of her life working to advocate for and provide services to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals. Early on she served in Prison Ministry at Nassau County Correctional Facility. Later, while pursuing her education in Human Development at Cornell University, Chandeerah also volunteered as a Teaching Assistant for the Cornell Prison Education Program. Her work there sparked the desire to serve as a weekly mentor with Project Lansing where she was able to collaborate with detained girls in a residential correctional facility.

Before joining Common Justice, Chandeerah worked in Youth Development and enjoyed supporting adolescent survivors of domestic violence and intimate partner violence in schools and the community around NYC. She then became a Counselor/Advocate supporting and advocating for criminalized survivors of intimate partner violence facing felony level charges related to their efforts to survive. Chandeerah’s experience and expertise spans 2 decades with diverse adult and youth audiences. She participates in training and education intended to increase awareness of the epidemic of gender-based violence. She is also an advocate of efforts designed to transform the rhetoric and institutions that sustain such violence.

Because she holds a personal commitment to anti-racist approaches around healing trauma and dismantling systems of oppression, Chandeerah has focused on working in partnership with justice involved people to process trauma and develop the strengths, competencies, and personal attributes they already possess. She’s dedicated to being in community with those whose voices have historically been silenced.

"I work at Common Justice because I believe in the myriad untapped possibilities Restorative Justice practices have to offer us; OUTSIDE of incarcerating people, for addressing harm."


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