Alfonso Wyatt

Rev. Dr. Alfonso Wyatt retired as vice president of the Fund for the City of New York after serving over two decades. He is founder of Strategic Destiny: Designing Futures Through Faith and Facts. He has mentored thousands ranging from young people in foster care, juvenile detention facilities, adults in prison, as well as individuals in Corporate America, youth-serving organizations, the faith community, or mentees receiving their Ph.D. He serves as an adviser and consultant to government, colleges, civic groups, community based organizations, public and charter schools, education intermediaries, foundations and the broader faith community.

He is the author of seven books, his latest for young people is, Madd Truth: Lasting Lessons for Students of Life. Dr. Wyatt attended Howard University, Columbia Teachers College, The Ackerman Institute for Family Therapy, Columbia Business School Institute for Nonprofit Management, and New York Theological Seminary. He serves on the Board of The Osborne Association.